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Magnetic damping tensioner
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Product Features:
Magnetic damping tensioner is a magnetic field for the media transmission constant torque device, damping disc and magnet does not touch, no sliding friction, long life, tension control is extremely stable. Simple installation, easy output torque adjustment, compact structure design, small size, can be stable in the species position.

Product Details:


The use of the magnet's attraction to produce damping, because no contact, no sliding friction, so the output torque is stable and lasting.
Change the angle of one of the magnets, you can get a different attraction, so the adjustment is simple.
Transmission rubber tire made of slingshot, enameled wire to roll forward, to avoid scratching the film.
The rotating parts are made of lightweight and fastened material with little inertia.
Compact structure, easy installation.

1, before the scale will be used to 9, turn the rubber tire while the scale gradually transferred to the 0 scale, and then transferred to the required scale, or easy to produce K characteristics, tension will produce fluctuations.
2, the enameled wire in the circle around the rubber tire.
3, measure the tension, and the amount of adjustment, repeated, until the satisfactory results.

1, this product has assembled from precision parts, do not disassemble.
2, the spring as little as possible, the goal is to ensure that the rubber wheel rotation, the line does not slip.
3, rubber tire and adjust the ring between the 1 ~ 2MM gap.