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Choose dongguan yabo electronic alloy nozzle

Is alloy nozzle with tungsten carbide material, but also is the precision machining of hard alloy material.Its hardness up to more than 90 hra, its camber can reach more than 2300 n.
Our company adopts advanced technology, high-end equipment, precision processing and the inner hole of the precision grinding processing, make the inner hole roughness achieve Ra0.1, R, roughness on both ends as much as Ra0.025.At both ends and radius of curvature of inlet scientific design, guarantee line smooth nature.The product compared with the ruby nozzle, because of the complete materials for processing, nozzle hole no steps no vacancy, improved the easy bent jam phenomenon.
Its comprehensive advantage is have very high rigidity and hardness, impact resistance.Corrosion resistance, no rust, etc.
When the choice, pay attention to the different size of the selected nozzle, the nozzle mouth and the inner hole quality will also be different.Both can be tailor-made according to customers' samples or drawings!