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Tensioner how to debug?

In daily industrial production, many products are for People's Daily life has brought the huge change.Like dongguan agtech tensioner, the product of electronic production, many related to our daily life in the production of products, all appeared the figure of tensioner.
Tensioner as precision machinery products, the probability of failure is very big also, in the absence of solid theoretical knowledge and rich experience in operating.
Tensioner debugging method is very simple, but it needs to have certain experience.In front of the tensioner use requires meticulous debugging, first open the cylinder, the boot after adjusting the tension, with the increase of adjusting screw plate calibration, the output tension also increases, at the same time tension rod Angle slowly down, tension rod in a horizontal line As the best position of debugging.Here is a little need to pay attention to, only allow the tension in the process of debugging tensioner scale from minor to big, from big to small.