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What good is a tensioner?

What good is a tensioner?Why isn't the winding machine using the tensioner and winding machine tension control, the difference is very big between the following we summed up some advantages:
1: ensure that the coil electrical properties and production process of technical indexes;
2: the required tension can arbitrarily control in high precision, and improve the appearance of the coil, the coil smooth and full.
3: can save enameled wire (according to individual products may be small, if calculated according to the annual production, the figure is amazing)
4: reduce friction, enameled wire from the static friction to dynamic friction, better protection of the enameled wire insulation layer.
5: to yabo electronics co., LTD. Is a collection of precision parts development, design, manufacturing as one of the brand company.Main production motor nozzle, hard alloy nozzle, ruby nozzle, wire; jump; preventer, combination wire wheel, ceramic roller, ceramic porcelain eyes, tensioner, tension meter precision winding machine components, etc.