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What is the function of ruby nozzle?

Ruby nozzle now more and more popular and more and more widely used, ruby nozzle itself has very many advantage.
First of all, it is mainly made of stainless steel metal noumenon, and precision machining and stones to after some operation process, which has been made.The largest value is widely in use, a lot of different types of high-grade automatic winding machine for use.It is being installed in the device of machinery hand most did not, and thus affect the processing and manufacturing out of it the best performance.So is understandably be is used to the equipment, the necessary existence of an important part of the less.If it is not to give this to properly handle, so just be corresponding in processing and manufacturing quality has a direct link to the above.It has the advantage of also is more, like for example, very good toughness, which can be made in the process of operation is there won't be any problem.Can reduce in gem head low coefficient of friction at the same time, also can make it have a more lasting use.